EMDB 5.11

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EMDB 5.11 changelog:
  • TV Mode: TV Series and Collections did not always show content.
  • TV Mode: TV Series with seasons with over 20 episodes did not show correctly.
  • Backups: Improved restoring a single database backup in one of the non default databases.
  • Backups: Improved reloading after restoring a backup (no need for a restart anymore).
  • Backups: Improved messages for restoring single or multiple database backups.
  • User Interface: Added keyboard shortcut F7 for selecting a random movie. This also works in full screen and TV Mode.
  • User Interface: Title Search in the top bar now also searches alternative titles.
  • Database: csv export and column display will now show tv / movie for TheMovieDb ids.
  • Database: Added an option to remove drive labels.
  • User Interface: search result screen in add from hard disk did cut of long file names.
  • User Interface: moved Mediainfo Update to the Media Files tab in the Batch Update Options page.
  • User interface: Sorting was reset after opening a collection.
  • Database: editing a movie and adding it to an existing collection shows an extra collection on the shelf
  • Search: Fixed search missing TV Series episodes on external drives.
  • Translations: Updated the Catalan, Czech, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch translations.
  • User interface: After filtering on collections and opening a collection using back twice showed collections multiple times.
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing tagline and storyline.
  • IMDb import: Improved import of Genres.
  • Database: Re-indexing the database with thumbnail renaming could mix up images.
  • User interface: Poster mode inside a collection crashed when reaching the last movie.
  • Search: fixed search for missing TV Series episodes.
  • User interface: Show result for UHD/4K filter in title bar.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Czech, French, German and Dutch translations.
  • Database: Renamed some rebranded streaming services: Disney -> Disney+. HBO -> HBO Max. CBS All Access -> Paramount+. Apple -> Apple TV+.
  • Database: Added 'Plastic sleeve' as case type.
  • Search: Global search didn't search in Characters.
  • User interface: Sorting on family name didn't work properly in the Edit Directors, Writers and Composers screen.
  • IMDb import: importing Genres was broken.
  • Translations: Updated the French, German, Hebrew, Slovenian, Swedish and Dutch translations.
  • Database: laatst gebruikte database werd niet altijd geladen na herstart.
  • EAN / UPC import: Verbeterde performantie bij het ophalen via UPC / EAN codes.
  • IMDb import: Verbetering van ophalen van English artwork bij Bulgaars vertaalde webpagina.
  • CSV import: import van The TVDb Id. toegevoegd.
  • Database: Tags toegevoegd.
  • Database: 60 fps framerate nu ook beschikbaar.
  • Database: Verbeterde re-indexing funktie op de database.
  • Database: Soms werden gebruikte beelden ook verwijderd bij het verwijderen van de ongebruikte beelden.
  • Print: Films in collecties werden ten onrechte aangeduid met de naam van de collectie ipv. de filmtitel bij het uitprinten van lijsten.
  • Translations: Updates voor Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese en Nederlands.
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