VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player 3.0.8

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* Work around busy looping when playing an invalid item through VLM

* Fix TTML entities not passed to decoder
* Misc raw H264/HEVC frame rate fixes
* Fix adaptive regression on TS format change (mostly HLS)

* Fixes H264/HEVC incomplete draining in some cases
* packetizer_helper: Fix potential trailing junk on last packet
* Improved check to prevent fLAC synchronization drops

* avcodec: revector video decoder to fix incomplete drain

Text renderer:
* Fix crashes on macOS with SSA/ASS subtitles containing emoji

* Fix Apple Remote support on macOS Catalina
* Add support for pausing Apple Music on macOS Catalina
* Fix UPnP discovery crash without an active network interface

* Add missing .wpl & .zpl file associations on Windows
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